Police/Fire Discipline

The attorneys of LaLuzerne & Smith have extensive experience handling police discipline matters. As municipal attorneys, they have prosecuted cases against officers for offenses ranging in seriousness from being late to shift to excessive use of force that resulting in felony criminal charges, and have argued before Fire and Police Commissions and labor arbitrators. Larry LaLuzerne and Brian Smith have also defended officers accused of various forms of misconduct and use their experience as prosecutors to understand the strengths and weaknesses of a chief’s case against an officer. Years of experience allow them to find the best resolution possible for the officer by presenting the officer’s case in the best possible light and get the officer back to work as soon as possible.

There are tight timelines in discipline cases and it is best to consult with a knowledgeable and experienced attorney as soon as allegations are known or notice of formal investigations are issued. We understand that your professional credibility is of the utmost importance to being able to be a sworn officer or firefighter, and we will work relentlessly on your behalf to resolve any issues and get you back to work. If you know or think there may be a case against you, call us today to meet for a free consultation.